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Taylor Hartgraves reviewed MerMade Aquatic School —

5 star

April 27 at 4:44pm ·

My son is 2 and loves water but is fearful of new people. He cried the entire time in Jourdan's ear. Jourdan stayed calm and did the entire 30 minutes with him. The next week he jumped in to the pool with Jourdan. Temple, the owner, it's speedy with correspondence and helpful. Jourdan her instructor is the best. He is goofy and very playful with the kids in a thoughtful instructional way.

  • Mayra P.

  • Huntington Beach, CA


Mermade Aquatics is GREAT!! I enrolled my  4 year old nephew Jeremiah and I could notice his confidence grow after each swimming lessons. Summmer, his instructor was AMAZING. She was encouraging, patient, and fun. Temple was very helpful she answered all my questions and work with our schedule and made it a smooth process. I will definitely bring Jeremiah back again . HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!!!!! it's safe.. It's fun.. It's for all ages.

We will see you next summer!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING

  • Taylor H.


We are only on lesson 2. The first one was rough, my toddler screamed the entire time because we were all there watching. Today I stepped out and listened through the door. Jourdan has my son calm in minutes and swimming. He was so sweet and encouraging with him. I look forward to a summer of swimming!

  • Natalie R.

  • Bakersfield, CA


So far so good!! My son is 2 and loves the water. I found this place on yelp and decided to check it out. Temple and I communicated via email and she was very informative. I've taken my son to two classes so far and Temple is so personable and great! I am doing the parent & me classes. She's so great with the kids, my son isn't afraid to go to her in the water to learn new things which is awesome! She's helped me identify where he needs the most work to become a safe swimmer. My son always talks about going to swimming class. Each class is 30 minutes long. The water is nice and warm. I think that the price is very fair due to the great teacher we are provided with.  If your thinking of teaching your little one/s to swim, I recommend signing them up here! :)

  • JR S.

  • 45 reviews


Great set-up and instructors! I've taken my toddler to a variety of schools in the area and she was always distracted by the other kids in the pool. The value for time, space, and great instructors is awesome. I've noticed a big difference in my daughter's swimming skill and confidence from her lessons with Jourdan and Summer.

  • Paula C.

  • Huntington Beach, CA

  • 7 reviews


This is an awesome school!  As an adult, learning how to swim was intimidating, especially after taking lessons elsewhere without success.  I gave Temple Jellerson a try and she had me swimming confidently in a very short amount of time.  I was elated after my first lesson!  I'm now swimming and doing laps for the first time in my life.  Thank you, Temple and Jordan!

  • Alison M.

  • Huntington Beach, CA

  • 9 reviews


After researching for weeks for a great swim school for my just-turned- 2 year old son, I finally settled on MerMade Aquatics. I am sooooo glad I did. Jourdan is the most patient & fun swim instructor ever!! My son does not like new people & even freaked out his first lesson. But Jourdan calmly switched my son's attitude from scared to laughing & smiling within minutes. A true professional. After a couple lessons, Jourdan was able to hold my son while he kicked across the pool and loved every minute of it. I haven't met Temple in person but setting up the lessons with her was super easy ~ this is a great swim school for sure!!

  • Deanna G.

  • Huntington Beach, CA

  • 8 reviews


After researching swim schools for my 4 year old autistic son, I decided to on MerMade Aquatics.  Temple, the owner was extremely helpful and responded to phone calls and emails right away, after just having a new baby.  Jourdan was my sons swim instructor.  Jourdan was calm when my son needed it, playful when my son wanted to be, and EXTREMELY patient.  We did swim lessons for 2 weeks straight every day, as my sons therapist said would be the quickest way for him to learn how to swim.  My son is now water safe, loves jumping in and out of the pool and is so confident on his swimming and holding his breath under water.  Thank you thank you Temple and Jourdan!! I highly recommend MerMade Aquatics.

  • Tom I.

  • La Palma, CA


After 30+ years away from a swimming pool, I opted to "take the plunge" and take refresher swimming lessons (later part of summer).  After a couple of sessions, without hesitation, I would give this swim school 2 Thumbs Up (more if it were possible).   Customer service is great, ease of scheduling, great location, great instructor (Jourdan is extremely encouraging & patient), ease of everything!   Would have no hesitation in recommending this school to other friends and family.

  • Nicole D.

  • Santa Ana, CA


Temple is amazing! My daughter was a little timid at first being that she's a little older. Temple really takes her time and adapts a different teaching style to each individual student. She makes it relatable to them so they are as comfortable as possible. She gives me updates on how she feels she's progressing. There is no class limit to meet. She allows everyone to progress at their own pace. Temple has made my daughter feel so comfortable and confident in the water. Whereas she was afraid initially, she now can't wait to get to her lessons. And she's becoming a great swimmer!

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